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My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to get more people started in User Experience (UX) Design. I posted one lesson every day in January, and thousands of people came to learn!

Below you will find links to all 31 daily lessons.

Basic UX Principles: How to get started

The following list…


Maniglie montate! E non stanno neanche male

Maniglie montate! E non stanno neanche male


Chapter Three: sketches

Using Action Method’s Circa Notebook i have started sketching activity.

Only the first one with a good details level (using always pencil and markers only), and other three versions just with content boxes positioning idea.

Well, the first sketch has to describe my first choices. How mechanisms have to be, best ux solutions and clarify every element function.
The others have only to display a different way to use same elements.
Obviously if I have a version with a new or completely different solution/element, i try to draw it with high details level.

Only with this material I’m going to have a second-round-interview with boss.

A sketch is fast, simple, enjoyable, shareable…. It’s what I need during this step :)


Chapter Two: interviews

Today was the day to the interview with boss and pm to define priority (one and only one), objectives, scope and so on of the new interface. Not so easy cause, from the beginning, we decide to put as “main action” one and only one task for the user and only 3 secondary actions.

Less distraction is more conversion.

Once defined what was really important, most of points were clear for all and all the brief taked only 20 min

So now i have all what i need to proceed next step: visual sitemap.